Avocado Cilantro Taco Egg Salad on Kale

Bon Appetit Paleo

I really love eggs. I mean, I love eggs in the craziest way. I go through minimum, 6 dozen a week, most of the time. I put them in everything, but I also eat them at almost every meal. Funny story though, I was told as a young child I was allergic to eggs, according to allergy testing, but what I have figured out since is that I am allergic to commercial eggs. I had to go out and find the best, most quality eggs around to be able to eat them, and once I did, I started eating them all the time. My eggs of choice for the past year have beenSugar Plum Ranch eggs, a local egg farmer in Dinuba, Ca. The chickens and eggs are raised by 4 local kids. I love the eggs and the story. Great quality eggs, with THE brightest, oldest egg…

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