Paleo Salsa Chicken Tamale Pie

For National Pi Day, 3.14, I present a popular, old favorite, my Paleo Tamale Pie!

Bon Appetit Paleo

Are there things you dream of or miss on all these Paleo/low carb/Atkins/Primal/Jerf lifestyles? Seriously, I dream of food 24/7 and I think of things I miss sincerely. A lot. And that is where a lot of my ideas come from- an intense desire to master something I can eat that will not make me feel bad, guilty, sick, or experience an allergic reaction.

Lately, I have been missing tamales. I have never even made one, but I have eaten my fat-assed share of them. I live in a highly hispanic population and the ability to call up a friend and ask where I can find some fresh, homemade tamales is WAY too easy. It’s like drugs, but masa and chicken instead. “Hey man, where can I score a a bag?” except here, the bag is full of piping hot tamales wrapped in foil. OMG it’s a very good reason…

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