How To Cook A Gheelicious Steak In Cast Iron 

We made this again for Valentine’s Day dinner, with broiled lobster tails, shrimp, asparagus and potatoes. All of them new recipes coming o the blog this week. (I haven’t posted in a long time, loves!)

Bon Appetit Paleo

Do you love Ruth’s Chris? If you’ve ever been, the answer to that is “DUH!” Who doesn’t love a steak cooked in BUTTAH? I mean, it is second to nothing. Buttery steak melts in your mouth and that last time I made them, my husband went into a steak coma from sheer overload of flavor. Seriously, go cook a steak in butter. NOW.

Now since I am senstiveto dairy, I use ghee, which is clarified butter, meaning that all the dairy solids are removed. The taste is nearly the same, the quality of melt and cooking use is the same, too. If you are dairy sensitive or allergic, I encourage you to cook with ghee. It will alter your cooking abilities and open your possibilities. It is a game changer.

Made with inspiration by The Rising Spoon.Her best advice for this, that I loved, was totemporarily disable my smokedetectors…

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