Bowl Full of Belly Warming, Meat Lover’s Paleo Chili!

Bon Appetit Paleo

How does grass-fed beef Chorizo, pastured bacon, grass-fed beef sausage and grass-fed ground beef, plus MORE grass-fed beef Chorizo chili sound to you? I don’t even need your answer; I know you want it and you know you want it. Read on!


This recipe is quite overdue for posting. When my second newspaper article came out in mid-December, I made this chili dish for my kiddos after a long, cold day. I really do not work off recipes or cookbooks most of the time, instead I make things based on how something tasted to me in the past, or based off just good old ideas about how food works in my mind. While I own quite a few cookbooks, I do not rely heavily on instructions, instead feeling my way through the process of something, completely willing to make HUGE mistakes or total WINS (the wins happen more than the…

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