Spicy Sausage and Sage Pumpkin Soup (Paleo and Whole 30 Friendly)

Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds and Spicy Pumpkin Soup

I spend a lot of time thinking of sweets and treats with pumpkin this time of year, but not nearly enough savory dishes. While I have a few, like this Spicy Pumpkin Pizza Crust, I am in need of some more. I have been searching for pie pumpkins since August and recently discovered that Trader Joe’s had them, so I stocked up. I had no plans in mind when I made them, but I wanted to keep them on-hand when inspiration struck.

The weather here has dipped a bit, with cool mornings and breezy evenings, which in my book calls for soup, soup, and more soup, and boy do I love to make my own soup. While I make a large variety of soups, I had never attempted any version of pumpkin soup before. And I had recently purchased this awesome white pumpkin soup tureen and Staub pumpkin mini cocotte, so I knew I needed to get on the autumnal bandwagon and try my hand at pumpkin soup.

White Pumpkin Soup Tureen

Staub Pumpkin Mini Cocotte

This version is prepared very similarly to most of my squash soups and is very easy to prepare. I think it is the perfect recipe for any soup novice and experts alike. If you have a little time on your hands, and the hankering for some good old fashioned soup, with a seasonal flair, I encourage you to give this a try. It’s likely to be a recipe the whole family will enjoy that will be a regular in your  seasonal rotation, or added to a holiday meal plan. We served this tonight with Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds and sprinkled with greens. It was the perfect one pot meal, with both a protein and veggie all in one meal. Would also be great paired with a salad.


Spicy Sausage and Sage Pumpkin Soup (Serves 6-8)

  • 2 Small pie pumpkins or sugar pumpkins, halved and deseeded
  • 1 lb hot Italian sausage (I use Springville Ranch grassfed beef sausage)
  • 2 T Burroughs Family Farms Olive Oil
  • 16 ozs. water
  • 2 T Better than Bouillon Chicken Bouillon
  • 1 tsp sage
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 tsp FlavorGod Dynamite, or cayenne
  • Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds 
  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Cut pie pumpkins in half, salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with sage, and lie face down in shallow baking dishes with 1/2 ” water.
  3. Roast pumpkins for 60 minutes.
  4. While pumpkins roast, cook hot Italian sausage in large cast iron pot with olive oil until browned.
  5. Add water and bouillon to pot with sausage and heat over medium heat.
  6. Carefully remove roasted pumpkin pans from oven and allow to cool.
  7. Scoop pumpkin flesh into food processor and process until completely smooth.
  8. Add pumpkin flesh to cast iron pot with broth and sausage, stirring to incorporate.
  9. Add salt and pepper to taste, sage, and FlavorGod Dynamite or cayenne, to taste.
  10. Bring to a low simmer, and cook until thickened and heated thoroughly. About 20 minutes.
  11. Serve garnished with greens and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds.


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