Waffled Egg Omelet (paleo, whole 30, glutenfree)

I’m on Day 6 of the  Whole30 and I’m experiencing those awful feelings of carb flu, withdrawls, let down, etc. when coming off carbs, sugar, crap, etc. and I didn’t plan my day meals yesterday. It was hard not to revert to old Friday habits of pizza delivery. If you follow my Instagram account @the_goodie_goodie_foodie, you may be familiar with my phrase #fridayismyeatingday, which basically equates to eating whatever the hell I want. Well, I struggled last night, it being Friday and all. I stood and stared at my fridge forever trying to will myself to stay on plan.

I moved on to making glutenfree waffles for my boys, then willed myself, yet again, not to eat one. While their waffles were baking, I rummaged through my fridge again for my dinner and decided on eggs. When I opened the waffle iron to remove my kids’ waffles, I thought about adding my eggs to the waffle iron instead of eating them scrambled. It was worth a shot.

So I used some coconut oil spray in my waffle iron, dumped in some whisked eggs, chives, s&p, closed the lid, and hoped for the best. 

Here’s what happened:


Waffled Egg Omelet

It was pretty easy, took about 3 minutes to cook, then I added oodles of OMGhee with more chives and voila, easy egg omelet. And the clean up was effortless. 
Seriously, try this. 

Waffled Egg Omelet (paleo, whole 30, glutenfree) Serves 1

  1. Preheat waffle iron. I used a round 8″ Belgian waffle iron for this. Adjust accordingly to your iron size.
  2. Grease waffle iron really well. I used coconut oil spray.
  3. Pour in 2 large whisked eggs filling up the wells. If your iron is larger, add more eggs.
  4. Top with 1/8 C chives and s&p.
  5. Close waffle iron & cook according to manufacturers directions.
  6. Remove carefully. Top with ghee so that it melts into the wells of the waffle. Top with chives and hot sauce. 


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