Dark Cacao Nutty Coffee Bean Bark

Bon Appetit Paleo

I made a lot of treats for my husband’s crew at the fire station for Valentine’s Day last week. One of the bigger hits was this lazy girl version of a chocolate bar. I used my recipe for Paleo Magic Shell and the idea came from The Paleo Homesteader, who seemed to be having a similar, lazy cavegirl kind of moment that led to quite an awesome idea. I had some amazing coffee Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast beans from Hoot Owl Coffee, raw pepitas from The Naked Nut, local honey, and I used a completely 100%  unsweetened dark cacao bar. The hardest part was getting off the couch, the rest was pretty easy.

This chocolate glaze is beyond simple, and I’ve used it for so many other things.

Other ways I’ve used this same chocolate glaze:

Paleo Magic Shell

Cake Pops

Gingerbread doughnuts

Chocolate Covered Bacon



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