Paleo Eggs Benedict

Bon Appetit Paleo

I love Eggs Benedict, but I can’t eat it the way that it is traditionally prepared being Paleo, and now on the Whole 30. Bread is a no-no for me now, and some traditional Hollandaise sauces will not work either. Now, I love eggs as much as everyone, and a fried egg is good, but we Paleo peeps have got to think outside the (egg)shell. If you’ve seen my other posts about eggs called “Put and Egg On It,” and Eggs-A-Million, you may have some idea of the amount of eggs I consume. Eggs Benedict HAD to happen! So far, I’ve had two successful dishes that I find I am rather fond of.

My first round of Whole 30, I was quite a way into the challenge until I managed to get around to making a Paleo version of Eggs Benedict. My brainstorm moment was an Eggs Benedict over…

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