Mini Brussels Sprout and Bacon Frittata

I kind of had a day that got away from me and my dinner plans didn’t work out. Determined not to go off Whole30 I threw this delightful masterpiece together in minutes, put it in the oven, then had dinner-for-one in under 20 minutes! Whole 30 Success!

Brussel Sprout & Bacon Frittata for One!

4 eggs
5 Brussels, shredded
2 chives, diced
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp homemade Paleo mayo
2 pieces of cooked bacon, chopped

4″ pan, baking dish, or cast iron, i used a mini Le Creuset casserole dish.

preheat oven
to 375F.

1. beat 4 eggs, set aside.
2. in a coated pan, over medium heat, add mustard and mayo until mixed.
3. add brussels and chives to pan and cook in mustard-mayo mix until slightly tender.
4. grease your baking dish- i used avocado oil. add veggie mix, top with bacon, then pour in eggs evenly.
5. bake at 375F for 20ish minutes, or until set.

voila! one dish meal.



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