Fig Salad Dressing (for Dummies!)

Bon Appetit Paleo

Salad dressing for dummies, that’s homemade, delicious, easy as heck, guilt-free, and junk-free! You’ll wonder, why would I EVER buy bottled salad dressing again?!

Ready, set, go!

I’ve made this so many times, with other ingredients. It’s flavor comes from either real fruit or leftover jam or preserves. So in the past I have used tomato jam, strawberry preserves, processed blackberries, pureed figs, and pulverized dates. Honestly if its sweet, try it! And if you can use something natural, that’s even BETTER. Try to keep the sugar level low in this, since the point is to make this guilt-free. The best way to do that is to use homemade preserves or fruit you’ve thrown into a food processor, and this is a great way to use fruit that may be “on its way out.”

Here’s today’s, which was used with fig preserves:


And here’s the story behind how this got…

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