Eat More Salads! (Whole 30/Paleo)

Bon Appetit Paleo

Don’t tell me you don’t like salad, because if you don’t, I am going to come find you, wherever you are in the universe, and come make you a salad, or two, until you change your mind. I am not a vegetarian anymore, but I am heavily vegetably driven, and it’s the main reason I garden. I eat LOTS of veggies. I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like fruit, but LOVES vegetables. I am a weirdo. Sooooooo many veggies, so little time! Come pull up an chair, knife and fork, and get ready to want to eat your screen.

Salad, it’s my jam!

How To Make A Salad:

Take whatever you have, throw it on a plate, add dressing.

So hard!

My Salad Dressings of choice:

For Whole 30, I stick to red wine vinegars, coconut aminos, balsamics (check for gluten), apple cider vinegar, and salsas. A…

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