Homemade Bulletproof Coffee Nutella (grain/gluten/dairy/sugar free)

Bon Appetit Paleo


Bulletproof Coffee & Dark Cacao Nutella

About 10 minutes start to finish

2 C raw hazelnuts
Generous pinch sea salt
1C prepared Bulletproof Coffee
2ozs dark cacao bar
1 Tbsp mct oil
1 Tbsp raw honey
1/4 raw cacao or cocoa powder
1/4 almond or coconut milk
8 dates


Bulletproofcoffee Version

(See below for non-bulletproof version)
How To:
1. Throw hazelnuts and salt in food processor and let it run until it smooths out, approx. 5 minutes.
2. Brew Bulletproof Coffee (see link or end of post). Leave in blender until next step.
3. Melt dark chocolate bar in 1 tbsp mct oil. Over low heat stir chocolate and mct oil until melted. Add to blender with bulletproofcoffee and blend with honey.
4. Add Bulletproofcoffee mocha mix to hazelnuts in food processor, blend.
5. Add milk in a drizzle, and then cacao powder, then dates, slowly to food processor. Blend…

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