Bon Appetit Paleo on IG! And why Facebook sucks!

Come track me down on IG!

Facebook, you suck. Your algorithms and money making schemes limit little fish like me. I’m taking my followers elsewhere! Come find me on my personal fb wall or if!

This is going to be a test…

From my Bon Appetit a Paleo Facebook account:

I’m going to try abandoning this page and all of the FB algorithms associated with running Pages. I’m going to allow followers to send me Friend Requests on my FB instead.

I’m tired of the extreme limitations on my posts, the limits on my ability to grow my page organically, and feeling like I need to pay for advertising, which I’m not going to do (I do this mostly for no money, I cannot afford to advertise). Honestly, my traffic mostly comes from IG and Pinterest anyway, and my blog is pretty popular as a stand alone, but FB, you’re the worst. It’s a waste of time to spend anymore time working on a wall that fb just keeps punishing because it doesn’t understand fledgings like me can’t do the fb game the way they want us to.

If you can track me down, come find me, send me a FB request, and let’s give FB & their money making strategy a run for their money.

And follow me on IG, the best place for food lovers anyway!


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