Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Eat Grains

For Eat's Sake

whole grains antinutrients weight loss diet You see the claim in the grocery store: X servings of Whole Grains. “Oh, happy day,” you say a silent prayer of thanks to the diet gods and hug your box of Wheaties close to your chest. This is Healthy. This has Whole Grains. Whole grains make you feel fuller and help you lose weight!

Kind of. Whole grains have somehow become the darlings of the health and weightloss industry. Remember when everything low fat was considered somehow healthier, just by the omission of this macronutrient? It’s kind of been like that with whole grains. Whole wheat pasta, muffins, cookies, pita chips and pretty much anything you can think of lines supermarket shelves. Cereals boxes boast of the different varieties of whole grains that are present in their contents. But this, of course, misses the point: grains, whole or not, aren’t really healthy.

Don’t freak out. It’s going to…

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