The Disney Meal Plan- Week of October Sat 4- Fri 10

This cookbook is from my childhood. I am trying to get my kids more on board with cooking again, so we meal planned together using this, and we will make them in healthier ways. I hope you enjoy this step out of the ordinary from me. It has been fun for my kids and every meal has been a hit so far. Recipes to come.
I really did use this as my start in the kitchen. Lots of great tips for kids!


It’s the “happiest meal plan on earth!” Trying to get my kids more involved in the kitchen again. This was a slam dunk. We’re taking all the recipes and making them Paleo-friendly! Stay tuned for details!

This week’s meal plan, the Disney version! Meal Planning 10/4- 10/10:
Saturday Night:
Waffled French Toast
-Grain-free waffles made into French toast with coconut milk and raw honey

Sunday Night:
Spaghetti & Meatballs
-Homemade sauce reusing leftover butternut squash soup
-Meatballs made with grassfed beef chorizo and bison
-Spaghetti squash and zoodles



Monday Night:
Waffle Pizza muffins
-leftover grain-free waffles as pizza crust with leftover butternut spaghetti sauce, Applegate pepperoni, and Kerrygold cheese

Tuesday Night:
Breakfast for dinner:
Pancake sandwiches
-Grain-free pancakes with grassfed sausage and eggs

Wednesday Night:
Grilled BLTA Cheese
-Sourdough Grilled BLTA Cheese
(We eat sourdough once every 3 mos or do)

Thursday Night:
Meatloaf, bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes and salad
-Grassfed beef meatloaf with pork rinds as the binder and my Magic Veggie Mix
-Sweet potatoes wrapped in bacon
-Big greens salad

Friday Night:
Hot dogs and burgers
-Applegate hot dogs
-leftover meatloaf grilled and topped like burgers, served bunless




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