Whole 30 & Paleo Snack Attack

I updated this with some of our other favorites I left out in the original post. Thanks to digprimal.com for refreshing my memory.

Bon Appetit Paleo

I get asked a lot what to snack on. One of the things I’ve learned after going thru three Whole 30s is not to snack, or at least snack less. But to be reasonable, we all find ourselves in a snacky place sometimes and there are great ways to make better choices. One way I like to prevent myself from making poor choices is to have emergency rations that keep me on track, for not just myself, but my kids and hubby, too.

My kids get a snack, or two, for school each day, and I always have something stashed in my purse. I don’t store food in my car here because it’s so hot and car temps can be bad for food quality and taste, that goes for bottled water as well.

So, as per requested by a lot of people, here’s a sneak at what we have as…

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