Cappucino Lara Bar Bulletproof Coffee

I had sat down to drink a cup of black coffee and eat a Lara Bar for breakfast and thought, “Girl, you can do better than this.” And, so I did. I took my coffee, my Cappucino Lara Bar, omGhee, and MCT oil, threw it all in the blender, and made loaded cappucino bulletproof coffee, because Paleo. This is high protein and good fat!

My favorite thing about Paleo is that you just get to think outside the box a lot. It’s not a bad way to live. It’s actually quite fun.

The good news: this is Paleo.

The bad news: this is not Whole 30. (The Cappucino Lara Bar has vanilla extract, so try a different flavor Lara bar, if you want to.)

Back to the good news: THIS IS DELICIOUS. You can blend it with ice for a smoothie, drink over ice for iced coffee, or drink it hot like I did. Just make sure to blend it really, really well.






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