Whole 30- Iced Bulletproof “Cafe Au Lait”

Wake up to this tomorrow, a new twist on an old idea. The ingredients list will surprise you as much as the simplicity will. Though it appears to be a Cafe au lait, it’s nothing more than Bulletproof coffee over ice. Sometimes rethinking an idea, rather than redoing it, is the best illusion of all.

Bon Appetit Paleo

Don’t be confused by this. It sounds different from what it is, but there’s no dairy in there, let alone no coconut or almond milk, and the ingredients list is identical to Bulletproof Coffee, nothing else added, except ice. To make this Whole 30 Compliant, I used ghee instead of grass-fed butter today. The genius to this lies in the presentation, and the order in which its made. Like I have said in other posts, it’s all about combining food for me, not necessarily in recreating something or redoing it. I took Bulletproof Coffee and made it look like a drink I haven’t had in over 2 years, and it really just was a thrill to see the prettiness, because sometimes that is all I need. I do enjoy really beautiful food, but a gorgeous coffee puts me over the moon.

I present to you the Iced Bulletproof Cafe…

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