I Lost A Follower Today

I lost a follower today, who was gravely offended by my reblogging my Whole 30 post from last year on 9/11. It happens. I can’t please everyone. I do try to write from my heart in all things. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m nothing but honest. If being honest is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

If I wrote every blog post or cooked every meal because I wanted to please everyone, I would have never finished a single post. It’s that simple. 500 posts later, I have found a way to write and cook for myself, as well as please others. But not everyone and that’s okay.

To todays hate mailers: I’m sorry if you disliked one thing I wrote A YEAR ago, reblogged again last month and again today. Funny that you just noticed it now. But I’ve written a lot more since then, and I bet you liked others, if you truly were a follower, as you said.

Did you read it? Did you REALLY read it? We all mourn and grieve in different ways. I find the best response to this kind of mail is usually no response. But I wish you peace and joy, and hope you find the time to breathe in and read this from a different perspective, as I mean no disrespect to this day. I just find for me, that I need to find ways to see the joy and glory in life, not to allow others, the terrorists in this case, destroy all things. I can celebrate my own accomplishments while also finding ways to grieve privately. I hope you can see that.

I’m just here trying to spread some love and hopefully inspire others, not breed hate.




  1. Don’t sweat this. Do what your gifted to do. That’s some of what “set apart” is all about girl! Think of all the followers that stay no matter what and that tips the scales in a mighty way. Just TRY to shake me loose….ain’t gonna happen!

    • Not sweating it at all. I never hit “post” without thinking of things like this. I post with no regrets. Funny about that “follower” as they posted as anonymous. If you are gutsy enough to write it, tell me who you are, so we can discuss it.

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