Coconut Milk Paleo Hack/ Kitchen Hack

I love coconut milk, but I hate the price. I drink a lot of it, but I’ve been pacing myself because of the cost. My husband and I were at our local Asian market and I stumbled upon the coconut aisle. Not like my grocery store, who has 2 choices, the Asian mkt had an entire aisle!

I asked an employee recently for some advice regarding the overwhelmingly too many options. She recommended 4 brands to try, based on popularity and her preference. My main goal was to try all the Dragon Fly brand, plus Mae Ploy, the most popular brand. The Dragon Fly was appealing to me because I had noticed they also sold it in 98oz cans for less than $7. That’s less than $.07/oz. that’s not rocket science, it’s just good sense. It’s ingredient list is pretty decent (just coconut milk, water and guar gum) AND it’s full-fat, which means I can also froth it for lattes, so it is a win-win-win! I also use it in the rare case I eat a bowl of GF cereal, I also use it to make quiches and frittatas, and the all-mighty dairy-free ice cream.


My husband then pointed out that there was no way I was gonna use 98ozs in one week, so the Coconut Milk Hack was born: Mason jars, duh. And have I mentioned I love mason jars?


I put 24 ozs in a large jar for this week, to test how much we’d use in one week, adding a Ball sip n’ straw lid for easy pouring.


Stored it in the fridge next to my kiddos whole milk and juice.

20140901-112227-40947093.jpg I then divided the rest between 8 smaller mason jars, to be frozen and used later. Will it work? Who knows, but for $7, it’s a small investment for a potentially good idea!



I almost forgot the most important part, the question you probably want to ask…is it any good?! (Please excuse the 62 year old tile and grout in these pics! A blog full of pics of your own ancient house, like a fishbowl you can’t escape from, will give you a sense of perspective you don’t notice once you’ve been in the house long enough. It’s looking awful these days, no matter what I do to it!)

Yep! So good! Full-fat is the way to go. Thick and creamy! And froths in my Breville Barista Express like a dream!




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