Lunch Box Mama- A Sick Mom & Pizza to the Rescue!

Plain. Simple. I make pizza so I can put it in lunch boxes. Why? Because I can be quite lazy, but still want to send my kids off to school right. Pizza is also always a pleaser. So it’s a K.I.S.S. Moment again- Keep It Simple Stupid. Zoinks! Did that blow anyone’s mind?!

Yes, it’s pizza, but it’s also full of veggies, like kale, carrots and tomatoes. It’s an acceptable option.

Here’s how I do it:
Gluten-Free- Pizza 911

In the Big Kid’s lunch: 2 pieces of hidden veggie/pepperoni/salami pizza, a bottle of buffalo sauce (duh!), Annie’s Cowboy Ranch, olives, strawberries, kiwi, and dark cacao. 20140825-204812-74892570.jpg

In the Little’s lunch box: hidden veggie pizza, Annie’s Cowboy Ranch, strawberries, kiwi, dark cacao and his odd request of the week: coconut water. (People, my 8 year old asked me to buy him coconut water!!!)


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