Gluten-Free- Pizza 911

It’s another rescue meal because I’m pretty sick today, still have a fever over 101 at the end of the day. I’ve spent my day napping (unheard of for me), catching up on Netflix and old blog posts I’ve not finished. I needed help for dinner tonight. Cue: Rescue Meals!

My hubby BBQed these for me after I threw them together. The crust is gluten-free frozen crust (don’t judge), organic sauce, and grassfed cheese with various toppings. This is all stuff I always have on hand for rescue dinners- crust, sauce, gf pasta, sandwich meat, hot dogs, gf mac&cheese, etc.

P.S. I may have also hid carrots, kale, and tomatoes UNDER the cheese and toppings. And of course mine had an egg on it!










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