Pizza Is My Everything!

Hello, I am Bon Appetit Paleo and I’m addicted to pizza. It has been 46 days since I’ve had pizza…until tonight! Have you seen my other pizza posts? I do love my pizzas and even though I’m pretty dedicated to Paleo, there are two things I let myself eat, if I’m around them: pizza and m&ms. Don’t judge me. It’s okay, I’m too busy eating ALL the pizza to notice your judginess anyway.


Since I’m fresh off the Whole 30 (dairy, grain, gluten free for 30 days) and I’ve been avoiding pizza intently for a reason, I decided to let up, but just a bit. This is gluten-free and the cheese is raw, and the pepperoni is uncured. A better choice, albeit not perfect, just like me.


I don’t believe in “cheat meals,” I believe in choices. Pizza is my choice, and one I don’t feel bad about. I love it and it’s my concession that I choose to indulge in. It keeps me sane and makes me not feel deprived. Though sensitive to grains and gluten, and allergic to dairy, by watching the rest of my diet, I can tolerate pizza on occasion. And I don’t always eat “healthy” pizza. If it’s pizza, it goes IN MA FACE!

Recipe is here: Best Ever Paleo Pizza Crust! Sweet Potato, Butternut and Spaghetti Sqaush Crust!



Leftovers went into kiddos lunch boxes for tomorrow!





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