Lunch Box Mama- PlanetBox Pizza Par-Tay!

We had a pretty killer dinner tonight, and I intentionally made more than we could eat so that I could make lunches easier tonight. Besides the fact that it made it easier to pack the lunches, pizza is always a hit in the lunchboxes! Using my Best Ever Pizza Crust, which is full of veggies, this was a lunch box addition that I could feel good about.

My oldest son gets the bigger Planet Box Launch, pizza and carrots with ranch for dipping, pecans, organic grapes, and an organic fruit leather. He’s in a military academy, so his output physically each day is huge; he has to be fueled properly. We have yet to hit the fine balance of how to get his energy up, but we are getting there. Hoping that the nuts make a huge difference, plus the veggified pizza. I’ll let you know how it goes.
My youngest son gets the smaller box, the Planet Box Shuttle. He’s adjusting to school and a new year, always a tough time for him. He’s been eating less, but a nutrient dense crust like this might be a good choice for him, plus the Applegate pepperoni, a good option, and raw cheese, this is a better than usual pizza choice. Hoping to get him in balance again soon.

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