Best Ever Paleo Pizza Crust!

This is my favorite pizza crust so far. Sweet potato, butter nut and spaghetti squash crust…because, why not?

Bon Appetit Paleo

We love pizza. Who doesn’t? But I sometimes think we love it in an unnecessarily, obsessive way. I mean, we LOVE, LOVITY, LOVERLY, LOVE pizza. Ok? It’s an issue. I had been good since about November about not eating it, if I allow it in the house, usually just ordering wings for myself instead and a salad, on an odd, lazy or ill-prepared night. But when I ended my last Whole 30, the first thing I had was pizza for the Super Bowl (Feb. 2), then on my birthday (Feb. 5), then again on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), AND last weekend (Mar. 1).

See? It’s. An. ISSUE.

Image 1) It makes me sicker than sick. Getting “gluten-ed,” is a death wish for me now. Not cool at all. Joint pain sets in and I am useless for days and won’t be able to sleep at all. It’s a nightmare.
2) Traditional…

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