link We Are Weirdos and Proud of It

My very first blog post ever, first written on August 29, 2013 on my old blog. Enjoy!

Bon Appetit Paleo

We Are Weirdos and Proud of It

For the past year and a half we have been experimenting with food, the way we eat, and trying to get a handle on just feeling better. We increased our backyard gardening space last year to 12 raised bed boxes and attempted to grow as much of our own produce as possible throughout the spring and summer. We switched to almost all organic foods, almost all raw dairy, grass-fed beef, organic pastured chickens, and farm fresh pastured eggs; we have eliminated a lot of gluten in our diets, and try to use only the best and organic whole-grain, on the rare occasion we eat them. We are now “those people” who shop at local farm stands, Whole Foods, Watson’s, Trade Joe’s, farmers markets, etc. We say things like “buy local,” “farm fresh,” “it’s from the farmer’s market,” “this is from our garden,” “I…

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