Breakfast: Eggs, Asparagus and Sausage, oh my!

Why do I love eggs? Because they’re so stupidly easy to make fabulous! I used my Sugar Plum Ranch eggs and scrambled them up with veggies and sausage! So good!

How To:
pre-cook your sausage

Pre-cook your sausage. Set aside and then dice.20140816-095207-35527958.jpg

sauté your veggies
I used asparagus and shallots. Cut asparagus into 1/2″ pieces and sliced shallots. I cooked it in the same pan that I cooked the sausage in, using the drippings for my cooking fat, add spices (I used a fiery 5 pepper spice). Cook until tender.


combine and cook
Add the sausage back in to the pan, heat until sausage is warmed back up.


scramble it
Add eggs and scramble! Remove from pan and plate.


add cheese
I used raw cheese once plated, as I try not to eat heated cheese, and only about 1 tbsp, just enough to taste, but not cover up the taste of my scramble.


eat and enjoy



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