Whole 30- Lazy Girl Tuna Boats

This is so unbelievably easy and I have to say, if you are strategic about having emergency rations in your pantry, fast and freaking easy food is easy to pull off, even on the roughest of days. I always have a ton of eggs on hand, random veggies, homemade mayo, and canned tuna, salmon, etc. Though my family is not a fan of tuna, at least I will eat it, and they got the leftover hardboiled eggs for lunch boxes. I ate ALL the tuna myself.

EASY PEASY LAZY GIRL TUNA BOATS-  Less than 5 minutes!


2 Hardboiled Eggs

1 can of wild caught skipjack tuna, or other high quality tuna

1 tbsp mayo

1 tsp mustard

1/4 diced onion

1 tbsp Bubbies kraut


10 Mini sweet peppers, de-stemmed and halved


Mix all the tuna ingredients together, add to halved sweet peppers. Or as I like to say, KISS: Keep it simple stupid. That’s it, you’re done. Serve with more veggies on the side!


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