Recipe for Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

I LOVE LOVE HARDBOILED EGGS! I, however, have never had good luck peeling them. And considering that I eat about a dozen hardboiled eggs a week, conservatively, it was about time I do it right. And when you need to do it right, you turn to the Paleoista mistress of everything perfect Paleo, Nom Nom Paleo!  Using the fabulous farm fresh eggs from Sugar Plum Ranch, we tackled this tonight, not just for me, but for kids’ lunch boxes, since we started school this week! Now like the Nom Nom recipe says, NOT fresh is best, so I am using eggs from last week

*HINT ABOUT EGGS* Buy local, buy fresh, buy close. If you are in the Visalia area, you can get these eggs at Top O’ The Morn Farms drive thru location!

Ok, now before you scroll down and see the weird tool I actually used to do this, see this list of MUST-HAVES for this GENIUS recipe.


Safety Pin (I did NOT have one!)

Best eggs you can buy (week or two old)

Baking soda

Sauce pan


Easy, right?! Now, go!

Sugar Plum Ranch eggs are local to Cen Cal and farm fresh. Delivered on Tuesdays to Top O’ The Morn Farms!
I did not have a safety pin, because as Murphy’s Law would have it, whenever I need one, I can’t find one. I did, however, have a flower lapel pin, which I used instead, because necessity if the mother of invention. Or, desperation for perfect hardboiled eggs calls for desperate measures.
Take the pin and insert it into the large bottom end of the egg. She recommends that you leave the eggs in the carton, but being the chicken that I am, (insert pun here), I held them when I did it.
Place the eggs in your sauce pan, add cold water. I used 3 cups of cold water, with about an inch from the top of the pan.
I added 1.5 tsp of baking soda to the pan.
Crank up the heat, bring to a rolling boil.
Boil for exactly one minute, uncovered!
Remove from heat, add a lid, and cover for 10 minutes!
When the ten minutes are up, add eggs to a bowl of cold water with ice. Time for exactly 5 minutes. Michelle says to be precise about the time!
When the 5 minutes is over, remove eggs from water, knock on a surface, and begin to peel from the pin-hole on the bottom. The shell will come right off! Look at those gorgeous eggs, peeled to perfect!

I used my eggs in my Lazy Girl Tuna Boats with Skipjack tuna, homemade mayo, mustard, onion, and kraut.

Tuna boats with Nom Nom Paleo recipe for Perfect HardBoiled Eggs, using Sugar Plum Ranch eggs!
Tuna boats with Nom Nom Paleo recipe for Perfect HardBoiled Eggs, using Sugar Plum Ranch eggs!


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