Whole 30- Day 31 Bacon and Eggs Get A MakeOver

Take your eggs to the next level with veggies, and always add bacon!

I just took whatever veggies I had on hand, sauteed them, then cracked my eggs into the center and cooked.


Heat a small pan with coconut oil and seasonings. I used crushed red peppers, salt, and black pepper. Add your diced veggies (I had mini sweet peppers, which I cut into slices). Saute the veggies, then make a space in the center, crack your eggs into the center, and then cook until your eggs are the way you like them. I like my eggs a little runny side up, so I keep a close eye on mine. My hubby likes his fried, so his cook longer.

Eat more eggs, eat the yolks, and get creative. Eggs are NOT boring! And they ARE healthy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.45.07 AM





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