Whole 30- Round 1 Recap: A Day of Celebration 9/11/13

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This is from my old blog Write From The Farm, written on 9/11/13, commemorating the end of the my first ever Whole 30. Read it with a sense of understanding I may have been a bit nostalgic, defensive, and overwhelmed by the experience. I was amazed I made it the Whole 30 days, quite honestly. It was quite a feat, and it really made a huge impact on me how much I could change about my life in just 30 days, that would also change my life, my direction, my family, and some of my friend’s lives, too.

It really all started with food and it was motivated by It Starts With Food. Read this book! But first, go find my blog post below!

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First Published On Write From The Farm, 9/11/13:

I posted these pics today,  9/11, and here’s the story behind why.

Crazy, mixed day of emotions. 30 days of whole foods and strict compliance comes to an end today. NO DAIRY, NO GRAINS, NO BEANS, NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL, NO MSG, CARRAGEENAN, OR SULFITES. NO CHEATING FOR 30 DAYS! Quite a feat, I assure you. And it may be hard for anyone to comprehend unless they’ve done something similar. Some people have been way encouraging and very happy for me. Some have totally ignored it, which is completely fine. Honestly. A complete stranger at a store I was at today gave me a fist bump and a high five (long story) when it came up in conversation. He called me motivational and inspiring. I was glad to hear that, because I’d like to think this may have had an impact on someone else besides me.

On the other hand, someone criticized me for posting this pic on 9/11. Saying that I should be focused on remembrance today not my own accomplishments. I’ve had to think about that for a while. And here’s my take on that: I remember that day clearly, and like everyone else, I will never forget. I won’t go in to those details, because frankly, its personal to me and I don’t feel like I need to post where I was, what I felt, etc. We all grieve differently. We all remember and internalize differently. And we all choose our own way to handle this day. For me, I choose to spend this day in reflection and think about how I’ve moved on, grown, succeeded, raised kids, been married for a very long time, managed to do many things I never thought I would be able to do, etc. But I am also a fire wife. My husband was very new to the fire service on 9/11/01, and this was a tough wake up call for us. A harsh sense of reality of the unexpected dangers he could face was suddenly very real. I had to learn very early on how to deal with things like this. Do I obsess about it and watch everything on TV, essentially driving myself crazy with worry and fret, and upsetting my kids as well, or do I find a way to busy myself and put faith in my husband’s strengths, training, abilities, and his crew, to get things done, and therefor not making myself, or my children nuts? And how about God? Where does he come into play in all of this? When my husband leaves for work everyday, I have to trust that it is all out of my hands and worrying needlessly is fruitless, let alone unhealthy. God provides, yet he also has a plan. I can rest easily everyday knowing that I don’t need to spend my day worrying about every little thing that has ever gone wrong, or might go wrong in the future.

So when I decided to start my Whole 30 Life Challenge, I didn’t know that my end date was going to be 9/11. I had no idea until yesterday what the actual date was going to be. I choose to celebrate today, because I won’t allow anyone, especially the terrorists, take away any joy or celebration I may have on this day. You should not either. Why can’t this also be a day of joy for things that have happened since? Does everything on 9/11 have to be “I remember when,” “We will never forget,” etc? It can be both happy and sorrowful. Without the happiness, we have allowed those that caused this day to happen to take away a great deal of our own lives away from us. Do not let that happen. Find something good in today. Do something great and wonderful to celebrate, simply because you can! This is me. This is my way. Today, I accomplished something great for myself.  I don’t think I’m being disrespectful, I just choose to do things my own way. I choose to be happy about the beginning of a new life for myself. And honestly, that is what survival is all about.

For more about the  Whole 30/Whole 9:


  1. Did you read it? Did you REALLY read it? We all mourn and grieve in different ways. I find the best response to this kind of mail is no response. But I wish you peace and joy, and hope you find the time to breathe in and read this from a different perspective, as I mean no disrespect to this day. I just find for me, that I need to find ways to see the joy and glory in life, not to allow others, the terrorists in this case, destroy all things. I can celebrate my own accomplishments while also finding ways to grieve privately. I hope you can see that. Peace.

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