Whole 30- Day 13: Go Climb A Rock

I took the time on this Whole 30 to really branch out and try new things…you know, like hauling my 40 year old self up a rock face for the first time ever! Not too shabby! Tiger blood was running through my veins that day!

So what’s the big deal about this? A few things actually. 1) My husband bought me a harness for rock climbing exactly two years. It barely fit me at all. And we used a clip to secure it because the fit was so off. 2) Two years ago when I first tried rock climbing, I was heavier, lacked self-confidence, and was not secure that I could do it, let alone did not feel that my husband could support my weight. 3) I never made it up the rock. At. All. I did nothing.

So fast forward to July 2014, two years later, after almost 2 years of Paleo, and a year of pretty dedicated Whole 30 living and three “REAL” true Whole 30s. I never tried my harness back on until three weeks ago. And when I finally did, it was A LOT bigger than it was in 2012. My hubby had extra webbing when he tied me in, and it was WAY more comfy.



And then you wanna know what I did? I CLIMBED A DAMN ROCK. I climbed it so hard. Pardon my language, but I made that rock my bitch. Guess what I did then? I leaned back with all my weight, with my self-confidence intact, trusted my husband, and I rappelled down, which is not for the faint of heart.

Suck it Whole 30 haters, this is real. This works. Paleo has changed my life, my health, my body, my self-confidence, my outlook, etc. and my old adventurous side is BACK.









Get out there and go climb a rock!

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