Whole 30- Get Ready for Egg Fest!

I am sitting in Starbucks today with a bucket full of eggs. Doesn’t everyone do that? Or is it just us weirdo food bloggers? No need to answer, I KNOW it’s us weirdos. And I do love me some eggs. Like, I love eggs in a very unnatural, very obsessed, EAT ALL THE EGGS, kind of way.

So, here I sit with a bucket full of eggs. “Do you like eggs or something?” an elderly gentleman asks me. “Well, you can say that. I’m a food blogger and my most popular recipes are egg dishes.” He went on to tell me how bad eggs were for me, and I just smiled. I’m not the best at giving out info to strangers in person. What I didn’t tell him was how much healthier I am not that I threw all conventional diet advice out the window and just ATE REAL FOOD for almost two years. I also didn’t tell him how I was told as a child that I was allergic to eggs, but that I can eat eggs now, and do, in a fashion that is quite crazy.

It all boils down to the kinds of eggs you eat. Living in central California and all its agricultural glory, I am lucky to have access to some amazing food options, and farm fresh eggs is one of those options. These are from Sugar Plum Ranch, based in Dinuba, Ca. When I have a chance, I’ll tell you more about their story, and who exactly raises these eggs, but for now, I have partnered with them to bring you some fun egginess to show you how to think outside the shell, and put an egg on everything!

Get ready for EGG FEST!. It is going to be one shell of a time.



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