For realsies, yo: CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON! And there was even a CHOCOLATE COVERED JALAPENO BACON version. Hopefully you aren’t hungry or craving chocolate while you are reading this. If you are, I am sorry (no, I am not).


Best part of this, is that it is so fast and easy, and almost completely guilt-free. Bad part, I don’t have many pictures because it was eaten so quickly, and when I took two different jars full to a Christmas party, it was gone ASAP. We even left some for Santa, with a hot cup of Bulletproof Coffee, and I am sure I do not need to tell you how GOOD he was to us for that gift. You know that old fatty gets tired of milk and cookies!


First you just take my Dark Cacao Glaze that I use for other desserts, like donuts and cake pops (all Paleo, by the way). And when the cacao glaze is ready, dip the bacon in the glaze while its still in the pan (turn off the heat or put pan on counter though). You can coat one side of both, then put on parchment or wax paper, and freeze for about 15 minutes. I suggest keeping them in the fridge while enjoying them, if they stick around that long to enjoy.

Dark Chocolate Glaze 
¼ cup dark chocolate, chopped and melted (I use a high cacao content dark chocolate baking bar, unsweetened. Dairy-free. You can also use 100% dark cacao, my personal favorite)
1½ teaspoons coconut oil, melted
1 teaspoon raw honey

To Frost
Melt chocolate, oil, and honey on low in a pan (i use cast iron). Whisk all of the ingredients in the cast iron until blended and melted together.  Dip the bacon in the chocolate, then gently rotate to let the excess glaze drip off.

VARIATIONS: Try different cuts of bacon, or flavored bacon. We love jalapeno bacon! Try different versions of chocolate or cacao. You could also sprinkle with nuts, unsweetened coconut, coconut sugar, or sprinkles.



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