Cutting Board Guacamole!

This is like my Naked Guacamole, but without the food processor. Takes mere seconds, has the least amount of ingredients ever, and it’s my most popular post on Instagram ever. Go figure.



Ripe Avocados (Family Farm Fresh has amazing avocados in their CSA currently!)

Fresh pressed garlic (I used two bulbs)

Seasoning, optional (I sometimes use garlic salt, pepper, and crushed red chiles)

Fresh salsa, optional


Mash it with a fork until its the consistency you like it. Just go for it!


And it looks like this!



  1. Reblogged this on Bon Appetit Paleo! and commented:

    For a long time, this was my most popular Instagram post. It is simple, easy, and healthy. It’s a guacamole throw-down of sorts. Have a bad day? Throw down a few avocados, add whatever you need, like spices and seasoning, and take out all your days frustrations on a poor piece of produce. I have a new mortar and pestle, which also works great for guacamole, and is yet another way to really beat the living crap out of something other than someone. I’d much rather have some really good guacamole than some time in jail for assault. You feel me?!

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