Breakfast for Dinner (again)



I just love to eat eggs for dinner. Might be because it’s so easy, might be because I just love them. Seriously, who cares? It’s delicious! Tonight I had leftover Jalapeno-Bacon and Ginger-Cranberry Sauce, with eggs scrambled in avocado oil with kale, cilantro, chive, and carrots. Easy peasy Paleo.  

About cavegirlkindra

I love food. It's pretty simple. It's what first made me fat, then it was what made me lose weight. What you eat, and how you eat it, determines a lot of the aspects of your life. I finally have tuned in to how my body functions and how to make it more efficient. I have a long way to go, but I'm on a roll. I've changed my ways and feel amazing. I find great pleasure in creating things that make myself, my family, and others happy. I love to write, cook, bake, craft, design, read, exercise, hike, camp, cycle, garden, and spend time with my family. Welcome to my brain space.

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